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This is your gateway to learning through Ipas. You will discover a range of courses on safe abortion care in English and Spanish that you can access as well as track your own learning to help you develop as a reproductive health professional and learner.

IpasU is for you if you work on reproductive health topics, primarily in the developing world, with a focus on safe abortion care and postabortion care. IpasU is designed for clinicians (in practice and still in training) and other professionals who work in reproductive health programming. IpasU is not meant to be a substitute for clinical training.NEP_Talking-about-feedback_Ipas12_jpg


Ipas is an established leader in clinical training, with over 30 years of experience training clinical providers, primarily in the developing world, to provide high-quality uterine evacuation (both postabortion care and abortion care). Over the years, our training has expanded to cover topics beyond the clinical aspects of uterine evacuation, to all aspects of abortion care and postabortion care, with vacuum aspiration as well as pharmaceutical means of uterine evacuation. We have increased our reach by providing educational opportunities on other aspects of abortion care, including issues related to sexual violence, gender issues, values clarification and human rights. Ipas annually trains over 16,000 people in up to 30 countries on a variety of topics, much of the content coming from the organizational training materials related to comprehensive abortion care and postabortion care. To learn more about Ipas as an organization, visit Ipas.org.


  • Now available: Comprehensive Abortion Care and Post Abortion Care Learning Programs! These learning programs combine a broad selection of Ipas and externally created resources to strengthen the learner’s knowledge of the provision of comprehensive abortion or postabortion care. Through a mix of curricula, job aids and self-paced online courses, the learner will deepen their understanding of first trimester abortion using medical methods or MVA, second trimester abortion, and the role of task shifting in providing abortion care services. The postabortion care learning program dives deeper into considerations around contraception and the use of Miso for PAC. You can enroll in either learning program by searching “Comprehensive Abortion Care” or “Postabortion Care” in the course catalog.

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